Zulfi Bukhari sends legal defamation notice of 1 Billion rupees to Khawaja Asif


Special Assistant to PM Zulfi Bukhari has decided to fight a legal battle against the PML-N leader Khawaja Asif.

According to details, Zulfi Bukhari has decided to fight the legal battle against Khawaja Asif and has sent him a legal defamation notice of one billion rupees.

Zulfi Bukhari has also demanded an apology from PML N leader, who said in the notice that the false and fabricated allegations leveled by Khawaja Asif should be immediately withdrawn.

Zulfi Bukhari has given Khwaja Asif 14 days to clear the charges and pardon. A legal notice has been sent under section 8 of the defamation ordinance of 2002.

Meanwhile, Zulfi Bukhari said that about 9.5 million Pakistanis have received foreign employment in my ministry. In September 2019, Pakistanis sent $ 740 million worth of foreign exchange, for the first time in history.

He said that I have vowed to serve Pakistan and its people. The fabricated allegations are an attempt to tarnish my reputation. I will not allow Khawaja Asif to flee. Panama Sharif should apologize or prepare itself to face the court.

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