Zam Zam Water Cures All Kind Of Viruses, Imam-e-Kabba

Zam Zam Water

Imam Kaaba recommends Zam Zam water for the cure of the corona virus-infected patients. He said Zam Zam Water cures all kinds of viruses.

According to the Arab news agency, Imam Kaaba Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Sudais has said that the coronavirus patients should be provided with Zam Zam Water for psychological and emotional support.

He directed that all Zam Zam water be provided to hospitals where coronavirus patients are being treated, which would help the affected people to recover. He called Zam Zam a cure of coronavirus.

While the Coronavirus has been cured so far, scientists around the world are trying their best to develop a vaccine to treat it.

Johns Hopkins University, the most-researched American institute on COVID-19, says the virus is currently incurable, and its vaccine is likely to be ready by 2021 next year.

The global outbreak is believed to affect more than 200 countries of the world, including China, the US, European countries, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

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