Zahid Ahmad apologizes to the nation


Zahid Ahmad recently posted a picture on his Instagram where out of bored routine in quarantine , he counted the planks on his floor and posted the count of planks with a photo.


He wrote,

“There are 58 planks on the floor “,

To that a fan responded, ” Thanks God there were not 58 episodes to Main na Janu “

On which the actor apologized the fans to have worked in the drama main na janu

He wrote, ” I apologize to the nation for this drama…, next time I won’t read the script so ‘blindly’ “.


Well, we all know that in the last episodes ‘main na janu’ went to it’s ugliest where no one was acting well, Sanam Jang was totally overdoing her act.  Affan Waheed’s expressions never met with his voice and it was a messed up script and acting was ranked as average by fans who were literally found writing against it on social media and so was realized by our actor too.

Here is the screenshot of his apology in the comment.


Well, Ishq Zahe Naseeb was a perfect drama and the actors did the justice to that.

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