Yoyo Honey Singh Praised Ahmad Shah

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Yoyo Honey Singh is a fan of Ahmad Shah .

Yoyo Honey Singh has praised Ahmad Shah when Ahmad Shah’s video got viral on social media in which he asked the friends about himself.

Ahmad Shah said, ‘ Hello friends I am very confused about myself some say I am cute, Some say I am a naughty kid, some say I am a doctor and some say I am a star but I don’t know who Am I, please tell me who am I ‘

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Ahmad Shah

To the video the famous Indian Singer Yoyo Honey Singh replied,
‘ you are my love Ahmad ‘ ‘ Tum meri jaan ho ‘

He further said, ‘ I am your big fan ‘

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Honey Singh

Well, Ahmad is famous across the world for his cute conversations that got viral on social media and after that he has become famous and was called by Ary Digital in Ramzan transmissions which raised his popularity because he is such an adorable kid who is loved by every one.

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Ahmad Shah

In India he has also won the hearts of people because there are a lot of comments by the Indian subscribers on YouTube in his videos.

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