Why did PAF Jet Crash Today?


During the rehearsal of Pakistan Day, Pakistan Air Force F-16 crashed. Wing commander Nauman Akram was killed in the incident.

According to details, Pak Air Force F-16 crashed near Shakarparian in Islamabad, spokesman Pak Air Force said in a statement, Pak Air Force fighter plane F-16 fell during rehearsal of March 23. Wounded, Wing Commander Nauman Akram was martyred in the accident.

According to the spokesperson, an investigation team has been set up at the Air Headquarters to find out the facts about the plane crash.

This is the 4th incident of Plane crash in less than 3 months.

Plane Crash Incidents:

On February 12 last month, the Pak Air Force plane crashed near Takht Bhai in the Mardan area. The training plane was on a routine training mission, and the pilot was safe in the crash.

It is to be noted that on 7th February, the Pak Air Force plane crashed near Shorkot. As a result of the accident, the pilot managed to eject safely and no loss of life or property was reported on the ground.

Earlier on January 7, the Pak Air Force plane crashed near Mianwali during a training flight, and as a result of the crash, both pilots on the FT Seven were killed, named Squadron Leader Harris Bin Khalid and Flying Officer Ibaad Ur Rahman.

Loss of a Wing Commander:

The rank of Wing Commander is below the rank of the Group Captain but it is a senior commissioned rank. An Officer becomes a Wing Commander after 12 years of service. Officers must pass promotion exam ‘C’ to become a Wing Commander. On promotion, Wing Commander becomes Group Captain.

Loss of a fighter Jet:

F16 had a unit cost of USD 18.8 million (1998) and Its value is 2977.5 million PKR according to present money value.

Who’s responsible?

Now, the question arises who is responsible for increasing crash incidents?

Why we’re losing our valuable pilots and planes?

After each incident, an investigation team inquires about the matter. Where are its findings and implementations to avoid future incidents?

Why our pilots are unable to survive during the crash?

Are our planes outdated?

Where is the actual problem? in planes or pilots?

These are the serious questions that worry every single Pakistani, every taxpayer, anyone who is contributing to the well being of the country. We are surrounded by the enemies of our country. These incidents raise concern in every patriotic Pakistani who wishes to see Pakistan rise and shine. Pakistan Forever..!

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