Why Actresses avoid working with Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas

See why Actresses avoid working with Imran Abbas?

Imran Abbas is undoubtedly the most handsome hunk of our industry with his fair completion and extra sharp features. He has continuously been the most handsome 100 faces of Asia and of the world.

Imran Abbas

The actor has worked abroad as well, he has been famous for his hit drama Khuda or Muhabbat, after that he never looked back, he has a huge fan following from across the world.

Imran Abbas

The Actor recently appeared in Baran E Rehmat E Ramzan, a show hosted by Reema Khan in which she asked from him that has he been avoided by any actress on the basis of his extremely good-looking personality in a project.

Imran Abbas

She also said that has any actress felt insecure of his beauty.

To her questions Imran Abbas replied that it actually has happened that most of the time actress don’t work with him He said that this has happened once in a film as well.

Well, we believe on him he is truly intimidating when it comes to looks and most of the fans are crazy for him because of his looks.

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