What happened to Nawaz Sharif’s physician Dr Adnan?


The real story of the attack on former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s physician Dr. Adnan has revealed.

According to details, the PML-N tried to politicize the attack on Dr Adnan, which failed. London Police refuted allegations of political attack on Dr. Adnan. Police sources said the attack was not personal, but It was an incident of robbery.

In London, such incidents of mobile snatching are happening every day. If there was a political or linguistic aspect to Dr. Adnan’s attack, investigation should have done more seriously.

Dr. Adnan was discharged from the hospital last night and arrived at Park Lane Flats today where Nawaz Sharif lives. On arriving at the Nawaz Sharif’s residence, Dr Adnan was walking with a stick and walked slowly to the park lane flats in the presence of cameras.

It should be noted that the PML-N had accused PTI of attacking Dr Adnan without any evidence.

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