We should be contented working in Pakistan , Emmad Irfani


Emmad Irfani says that everything happens for a good reason and if Pakistani actors aren’t being respected in India they should not long for India.

He says that I am happy that we are working in our own capacity and making name . He said that we need to play part in our own industry.

He says that India shouldn’t be our destination.

The actor replied to the question asked by Iffat Omar in her show ” Say it all with Iffat Omar”. Iffat Omar asked about Emmad being offered “veeray di wedding ” which was produced by Sonam Kapoor. The actor said that ” at that time Kareena was expecting and was not available for a year and then the situation got changed and it was okay, if we are not respected there we should not long for it “


Enmad’s character in Cheekh was too appreciated by the audiences to the extent that he got overwhelmed and also revealed that the character of Shayan in cheeky has changed his game. Currently our heartthrob has done a movie on Khilafat movement alongside Ghana Ali .

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