We had no intention to arrest Shahbaz Sharif on April 17,NAB

Shahbaz Sharif

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has said that they had no intention to arrest Shahbaz Sharif on April 17. The purpose of NAB’s summon was to get brief and short answers to some questions.

According to the details, NAB spokesman said that NAB is not under the influence of anyone. Every action is taken according to the constitution and law. It is better to do politics without involving NAB. The spokesman further said that NAB officers did not belong to any political party, group or people.

It may be recalled that two days ago, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had summoned Shahbaz Sharif, the opposition leader in the National Assembly, in the money laundering case and directed him to bring the details of the inherited property.

However, Shahbaz Sharif had refused to appear in the NAB because of Coronavirus and Lockdown. In this regard, PML-N leader Ata Tarar said that due to Corona and Lockdown, Shahbaz Sharif was unable to present before the NAB while he has submitted his written reply to the NAB.

Federal minister for Railway had claimed in a statement that NAB’s intention was to arrest Shahbaz Sharif. Now, NAB has denied such intent saying that their only purpose was to ask some questions.