Wagah Border has been opened for the return of five Pakistanis


5 Pakistani nationals stranded in India due to Coronavirus have reached Pakistan via Wagah border.

According to details, 5 Pakistanis visiting India on medical visas have returned home. Due to coronavirus travel restrictions and closure of borders, they were stranded in India.

The Pakistani High Commissioner in New Delhi said that there is a travel ban on the Wagah border between Pakistan and India.

The Pakistani High Commissioner had made it clear that there is an effort to return the stranded Pakistanis from India as soon as possible and every possible step is being taken.

It should be noted that before the 12-year-old child was stranded in India along with his family because of the border. The government took immediate notice of the matter.

Thanks to the federal government’s timely steps, the Pakistani family visiting India for treatment was returned to India, on which they also thanked the government.

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