Vulnerable falls prey to casting couch only for work , Faysal Quraishi


Faysal Quraishi urges new actors and new talent to always seek work through the professional production houses of the industry and don’t fall prey to scammers who ask money or other advantages from you. He told this in the interview with the website on YouTube .


He says that there are a lot of people in the industry who exploit younger lot and some fall prey to them to gain work. He says casting couches exist for the vulnerables. It’s up to them to find right way as there are superstars like Mahira and many who have worked with profession production houses and you will never find them complaining about those producers.

The actor also told about his film, he said that we have halted its shooting deliberately for sometime as there are cases going on, on our director and we are waiting once we get rid of the cases.

The actor says that the fans will see a twist in the story of Muqaddar in coming episodes. He also revealed that it is going to be a love story later on.


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