9 Viral Pictures from Most Awaited Last Episode of Ehd E Wafa

Dua and Saad in Last episode of Ehd e wafa
Leaked pictures from Last episode of Ehd e wafa break the suspense in the drama story ending shot in CMH. Dua and Saad get married saad dies?

After having a hectic day, no one likes to binge-watch television dramas that promote domestic issues, highlight silly spats of a household, have ear-splitting noises and an overall melancholic vibe. In this competitive Pakistani drama industry, Ehd E Wafa proved to be a promising show. The engaging story line, charming faces of successors, doses of patriotism, and ups and downs of companionship authenticate it to be a Sunday treat for all its viewers. In this article we’ll cover the story behind leaked pictures from Last episode of Ehd e wafa. These pictures hint the fans about What will be Ehd e Wafa ending.

However, things didn’t go according to the plan for Ehd E Wafa’s cast and crew. Call it misfortune or test of fate but pictures from their most suspenseful scene got leaked; killing the suspense for all its viewers. The sensational couple Dua and Saad, who were shipped by almost every other Pakistani were seen as bride and groom in their military uniforms.

While this was alarming for all the investors and makers of the drama, it might have also shattered the excitement of viewers.

Another set of viral pictures of Ehd e Wafa’s Last episode that were shot in CMH that dropped a vague hint of Saad’s Shahadat in EhdeWafa. However, no material could prove this but viewers like to stick to leaked sources. One can only hope for a cheerful ending.

Ehd e Wafa Cast on Last Episode

Meanwhile, Zara Noor Abbas who plays Malik Shahzain’s (Osman Khalid Butt’s) onscreen wife in Ehd E Wafa spilled the beans about the shoot wrap-up in her recent Instagram posts along with a farewell message.

“ANDDD the shoot wraps for Raani and Shahzain”, wrote Zara on her Instagram.