Video of a 4th grade student Zahid who sells samosas goes viral


The 10-year-old Zahid, who sells samosas in the Sindh province’s capital Karachi, became an example of determination and zeal, as people came to buy his samosas.

The 10-year-old boy is helping his parents by selling samosa at Federal B Area Water Pump in Karachi. Zahid studies and sells samosas in the evening time. He comes to sell samosas in the evening after going to school and madrassa and contributes to his parents’ work at home when his friends are playing.

Zahid’s father sells stationery at a small stall whose income is insufficient to house this limited family. His mother makes him a samosa and he sells them daily.

The excited little kid says it’s been 1 year 2 months since he is doing it. After Zahid’s video went viral on social media, not only did people praise the boy’s high spirits, but his customers also grew.

After Zahid’s video went viral on social media, a school principal offered to teach Zahid at his school, which Zahid’s father accepted.

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