Uzma Khan’s press conference

Uzma khan 7

Actress Uzma Khan has conducted press conference where she has revealed all the details about her relationship with Usman. No media channel has covered the press conference so far due to power and influence of Malik Riaz

Uzma Khan

Uzma Khan said that Usman Malik wanted to marry her but she refused 5 months ago, she further said that Amna Malik has never warned her and neither contacted her. She said that Usman Malik was after her.

Uzma Khan

Her spokes person said that the house where this all happened belong to a third party. It neither belong to Uzma nor to Usman Malik.

The FIR against Malik Riaz was also registered after a lot of painful impediments  , last night.

The situation is getting worse, no one is supporting weaker of the society.  All media is with Malik Riaz.

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