Ushna Shah stalks her Ex


Ushna Shah is gorgeous and equally brilliant actress who never fails to impress her fans because of her impactful acting.  She is currently shooting a drama with Ahsan Khan. Her drama Bewafa is on air now a days .

She just disclosed about a cringeworthy act that she often does and that is to stalk her ex boyfriend.


The actress, in Bol Nights with Ahsan Khan revealed in a game segment that she definitely stalks her ex to see what is going on in the life of her ex lover.

She says that everybody does this now a days so it’s very much normal.

The actress says ” I am an actress, maybe I should hide this but it is true, I keep a check and thank Allah for parting my ways timely “.


Ushna Shah definitely is bold and beautiful who never hides any thing related to her private life.

She often shares her thoughts on Twitter on which she has to face a lot of criticism but she just never hides her sentiments.

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