US dollar hits highest level of country’s history against Pakistani Rupee


The US dollar was hiked and the value against the Pakistani currency rose to Rs 167.45, increasing the external debts of Pakistan by billions of rupees.

The value of the rupee continues to decline and the dollar continues to rise. In the interbank market today, the dollar has risen by Rs 5.55 and reached the highest level in the country’s history.
According to forex dealers, the dollar rose by 5 Rupees 85 paisa to reach 167.45 in Interbank. The dollar traded at such an expensive level after 9 months today, while the value of US currency in the interbank rose by 8 Rupees and 45 paisa in 3 days.

The debt burden on the country has increased by Rs 600 billion due to a sudden increase in the value of the dollar.

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