Umrah banned till March 31 due to coronavirus outbreak


Saudi Arabia imposes a temporary ban on the entry of Umrah pilgrims amid fears the coronavirus could spread.

According to Arab media, the Saudi Foreign Ministry says those arriving in Mecca and Madinah will not be allowed to enter temporarily.

According to the Saudi Foreign Ministry, the same will apply to citizens of the Gulf countries who use the national ID card, while tourist visas are also banned from citizens of countries in which the virus has spread.

Saudi Arabia has also urged its citizens to be careful about unnecessary travel to Turkey. According to Arab News, about 70 million people come to Umrah every year. Most of them are landing at Jeddah and Madinah airports.

On the other hand, sources say that Saudi Arabia has also imposed an immediate ban on the entry of Pakistani Umrah pilgrims into Saudi Arabia, while those coming from Pakistan will not be allowed to enter Saudi Arabia.

Sources said the Saudi Foreign Ministry issued the directive following the diagnosis of the coronavirus in Pakistan and directed all airlines operating from Pakistan not to bring pilgrimage to Umrah.

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