Twitter Trends We Reject World Maps after removal of Palestine

We Reject World Maps

Twitter trends We Reject World Maps after Apple and Google removed Palestine from World Maps. A controversy over the country, Palestine, erupted late on Thursday night when Twitter users noticed that the country was missing from Google Maps.

Palestine, where part of the holy city of Jerusalem is located, has been rife with its border disputes: it has had annexation, it has had military occupations, it has had its territories being encroached, intifadas, and along with it had displacement, dispute, and death of its people.

Google Maps doesn’t give any directions and results of routes if you want to get to Palestine. The results aren’t shown and the screen reads, ” No results for Palestine”. But if we use coordinates for Palestine then we can get directions but still, no official marker is being shown for Palestine.

Muslims around the world including Pakistan has shown outrage and concern on the removal of Palestine from the World Map and they have demanded Google to reconsider its action. Twitter trends We Reject World Maps and We Want Palestine on World Map.