This is how Iqra Aziz Is turning in to a traditional loving wife


Well, Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz need no introduction, Yasir is a host, writer and actor whereas iqra is a phenomenally good at acting with a lot of famous project on her cards.

But since the time she is married with Yasir Hussain the girl has completely submitted herself into loving and a caring wife likewise the actress revealed about her husband that he is really caring and loving , she spoke on women’s day about feminism ”I don’t much agree because my man treats me like a queen”., So it is surely a two-way process.

Iqra is doing a drama totally opposite to her nature where she is proving herself brilliantly perfect as an actor. Yasir Hussain and Ahmad Ali Butt are acting with her in the drama. The drama is solely driven by Iqra Aziz because of her character.


Recently Iqra Aziz is found stitching a Kurta for Yasir Hussain which is amazing. Not only that she often cooks for the husband .We love the fact that our showbiz couples are too happy together.


We really pray and wish for these power couples, may they rise and shine together forever .


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