The story of Sabaat has taken a major twist


The story of Sabaat has taken a major twist.

The story of drama sabaat is not just a happy love story of Anaya and Hassan but it has yet to face a lot of hurdles.


Miraal and his father’s narcissism in Sabaat is quite rightfully driving the simple and beautiful love story of Hassan and Anaya where in today’s episode Hassan was found fixing everything between him and Anaya,  his father just destroyed the whole scenario. Anaya’s father was so calm and happy Initially when Hassan’s parents reach to them but later on after their misconduct handled the whole situation with grace .


The acting of Hassan’s mother was spot-on, she was just performing with her eyes, face and face expressions convincingly . We can rightly say that the love story of Anaya and Hassan has been almost ended by Hassan’s father .


Miraal’s psychotic attitude is increasing day by day, to plan to kill Anaya is the worst of thought process she could go through and she did that quite handily which shows that with every day passing by, she will get hard to deal with. She might put herself in trouble and her mother is foreseeing all this about her self which is depressing for her as well.


Let’s see what next episode will bring for us as Anaya has decided to leave Hassan forever and audience are heart broken .

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