The Modi government is deliberately targeting Muslims, says PM Imran Khan

Modi Government

Prime Minister Imran Khan says the Modi government is deliberately targeting Muslims under the cover of the Coronavirus.  In his tweet, the Prime Minister said that the Modi government is targeting Muslims to divert attention from reaction to its failed Corona policy.

He said that the Modi government’s action against Muslims in India is the same as the Nazis did against Jews in Germany. He further said that the current measures are another proof of the Modi government’s Hindutva and extremist ideology.

It is to be noted that for the past several days, the biased Indian media has been blaming Muslims for spreading Corona in the country and targeting Muslims under government patronage.

Violence against Muslims in India has increased further due to the hateful media campaign of India and Muslims have been subjected to violence in many areas.

Muslim patients of Corona have been isolated from Hindu patients at a government hospital of city Ahmedabad of the state Gujarat.