Team of Ishrat made in China stuck in Thailand


The team of Ishrat : Made in China is stuck in Thailand, the team is there for the shooting under the direction of Mohib Mirza. The cast of the movie includes  Mohib Mirza, Sanam Saeed, Mani, Sara Loren, Shamoon Abbasi, Nayyar Ejaz, Ali Kazmi and HSY.


Well-known film actor Shamoon Abbasi is keeping his fans updated regarding their cast and crew’s health during Covid-19 outbreak.


The actor has recently posted a video in which he has said due to the situation around the world and the cancellation in flights worldwide we are stuck in Thailand, he said we want to see our families , hoping and praying that we will be seeing them but when we see passengers in Pakistan too closely sit with each other in trains it really hurt us. He said don’t do this mistake and keep the distance.


The actors were supposed to be in Pakistan by 23rd of March but they are stuck. The actor said if the train passengers were allowed, we could also be given permission but it is how it is and we are waiting.

Shamoon Abbasi said that the cast and crew of the film is precisely protecting themselves amidst corona outbreak and keeping  their distances from each other. They only leave their room if it is required,  to eat food mostly and then they come back without shaking hands and hugging each other.


Shamoon Abbasi, Sara Loren, Sanam Saeed, Imaan Sayed, Mohib Mirza and the crew is also in Thailand according to our sources.


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