Talented Syed Imaad Ali wins World Junior Scrabble Championship

Imaad Ali Scrabble Junior World Championship
Imaad Ali Scrabble Junior World Championship
13 years old Syed Imaad Ali Scrabble Champion brings home the trophy from Torquay, England for Junior World Scrabble Championship

Syed Imaad Ali wins Junior World Scrabble championship happening in Torquay, England. Imaad Ali, the Scrabble player from Pakistan, achieved this title at an age of 13 years only.
With this title he becomes the youngest player to win this title for Pakistan, in the history.

Syed Immad Ali Achievements

Immad Ali is now the second name in Pakistani Scrabble players to win both Junior World Scrabble championship and WESPA youth cup formerly known as World youth Scrabble championship. The first Pakistani to win these titles was Moiz Baig, scrabble player. In addition to these, other Pakistani scrabble players have brought honor to the country in the past as well.

Pakistani Scrabble Players

Daniyal Sanaullah15 Wins, Spread : 1335Runner up Trophy
Hassan Hadi15 wins, spread : 10243rd Positions
Sohaib SanaullahScrabble tournament4th Position
Hammad hadi Scrabble tournament5th position
Taha MirzaWorld championshipUnder 18
Rory Kemp World championshipUnder 16
Saim Waqar World championshipUnder 14
Monis Khan World championshipUnder 12
Misbah ur Rehman World championshipUnder 10

Throughout this junior world Championship of Scrabble Immad Ali kept his lead over the opponent from the very start. Hence he was declared winner with one match remaining yet. He set a record of 17/3 and a spread of 2159.

Finally , the obvious winner sets a new record, and receives trophy from Brett Smitheram who is former Scrabble world Champion.

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