Tahir Shah’s most awaited song ‘Farishtay’ released

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Tahir Shah’s most awaited song  ‘Farishtay’ has arrived, fans as always passed interesting comments on social media.

Renowned singer Tahir Shah’s song ‘Angel’ released with the bang on ‘ on social media also ‘Tahir Shah’ and ‘Farshtay’ became a trend on social media website Twitter in Pakistan.

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Thousands of people watched the song as the well-known singer announced the release of his new song on the social media site Twitter.

Singer and actor Tahir Shah is known for ‘unique’ type due to his songs ‘eye to eye’ and ‘Angel’ and ‘Farsishtay’ is actually the Urdu version of Tahir Shah’s song ‘Angel’.

Most interestingly Tahir Shah’s song was much awaited in the celebrities as well. Ali Zafar, Ali Kazmi and lately Sana Javed wrote that we can’t wait for the song please release it soon.

The song Farishtay came and fans have mixed reviews about it, most fans say that we are so disappointed as Tahir Shah didn’t appear in it.

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Tahir Shah

Some said it is a good news during corona outbreak .

Some said corona will go away after the song Farishtay. A fan said that government should play it in streets so that people stay at home.

Fans say that it took four years to fetch you google translator.

Well , as expected the comments had to mixed regarding the song as same was happened in his previous two songs eye to eye and angel.

The surprising thing is that his songs always get views despite all the trolls.

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