Supreme Court orders to open All Shopping Malls and markets

Supreme court orders

Supreme Court orders to open all Shopping Malls and markets. The Supreme Court of Pakistan has also issued a written order in the Coronavirus itself notice case. The main points of which are as follows.

  1. The decision to close markets and business activities on Saturday and Sunday was annulled.
  2. Closing markets and business activities on Saturdays and Sundays is unconstitutional.
  3. Advocate Generals of Punjab and Islamabad assured to open shopping malls today.
  4. There is no reason to close shopping malls in Sindh.
  5. Sindh should approach the federal government to open shopping malls.
  6. Markets are open in KP, Balochistan, Gilgit, and Azad Kashmir.
  7. The provinces should not obstruct the opening of shopping malls after permission.
  8. Don’t spend all your resources on Corona alone.
  9. Give the federal and provincial governments their position on resource spending.
  10. Corona in Pakistan is not as serious as the money being spent.
  11. More diseases than corona are caused annually by other diseases.
  12. NDMA is spending billions of rupees on Corona purchases.
  13. If businesses and industries remain closed for a long time, their resumption will be doubtful.
  14. Millions of workers will be on the streets if businesses and industries are not restored.
  15. The NDMA report is not satisfactory. The Attorney General and the concerned authorities will hear the position on the report.
  16. The case is being adjourned until tomorrow.
The Chief Justice of Pakistan remarked that while Supreme Court orders to open all shopping malls across the country. The SOP should be better implemented in malls.

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