Supreme Court hints at putting ban on YouTube

ban on Youtube

The Supreme Court took notice of the objectionable content on social media and YouTube and hinted at putting a ban on YouTube in Pakistan.

According to details, the Supreme Court took notice of the objectionable material on social media and YouTube. The notice was taken in the bail case of Shaukat Ali involved in a sectarian crime.

Justice Qazi Amin said that we have no problem with freedom of expression. We take salary from people’s money. People have the right to speak on our performance and decisions. The constitution also gives us the right to private life.

Justice Qazi Amin inquired whether the FIA, PTA have seen what is happening on YouTube. Our families are being targeted on YouTube and social media.

ban on Youtube 7

PTA officials said that we cannot remove individual content. We can only report. Justice Mushir Alam said that YouTube was blocked in many countries.

The Supreme Court has hinted to put a ban on YouTube in Pakistan. Justice Mushir Alam remarked that you should dare to post anti-EU and anti-US content on YouTube. In many countries, social media is regulated under local laws.

Justice Qazi Amin said that action has been taken against the perpetrators of such crimes. People are incited against the army, judiciary and government. The Supreme Court issued notices to the Foreign Ministry and the Attorney General in this regard.

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