Sunita Marshall called out producers on not giving off amid corona emergency


Ary’s producer Jarjees Seja has said that we are going through difficult time and we all should change our behaviors of fear and depression. We should face it happily.

He shared a post on his Instagram in which he urged people to make fun videos and have fun and enjoy this isolated time with being happy.


On which Actor Gohar Rasheed replied,

Let’s do it.

However, Sunita Marshall has called out the producers fraternity on not giving offs to the team and the staff and continuously working in contagious environment. 


Well, we all think that it is high time to isolate ourselves for some days for good , and after that get back to work with all the precautions as we can’t sit at home for the rest of the life but yes we can stop going out till the time it is requested by government.

Sunita Marshall is right , these days are crucial and , working only if it is necessary, should be done that too in a safer environment. It will help us to avoid pandemic.


All the celebrities are on the same page regarding corona awareness and have said that Corona is no joke, we all have already seen it affecting the world.

We agree to Jarjees Seja as well but fun things by isolating ourselves is much needed instead of being in the crowd so producers need to cancel shootings as same has been said by Ali Zafar and Faysal Quraishi on thier social media.


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