France Special Team To Arrive For PIA Plane Crash Probe

PIA plane crash

France Special Team to arrive for PIA Plane Crash Probe. An 11-member team of French experts will arrive in Pakistan tonight to investigate the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane crash.

According to details, an 11-member team of French experts will conduct a 16-hour investigation in Pakistan. A special plane of French experts will land at Karachi Airport on the morning of May 26.

The experts will reach Karachi via VAZ AIB 1888. The team will visit the site of the PIA plane crash. A team of French experts will provide technical assistance to the Pakistani investigation team.

The French team will take the plane’s black box and necessary evidence with them to France. The team will leave at 10 pm on May 26 after completing the investigation.

On the other hand, the IA investigation team has visited the scene and is assessing the damage. The team has considered other aspects related to the accident. The investigation team has also intensified its operations.

A team equipped with modern equipment is inspecting the building material. The structure of the buildings destroyed as a result of the accident will be examined. A seven-member team will assess the damage at the scene, and PIA and CAST District Government teams are working together.

The final report will be handed over to the federal government. So far, DNA of 59 bodies has been taken. While security is tight around the crash site. Additional police personnel has been deployed at the scene.

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