South Korea quarantines banknotes to stop spread of coronavirus


South Korea’s central bank is sterilizing banknotes and tentatively removing them from circulation to control the spread of the coronavirus through the monetary system.

The Bank of Korea (BOK) said it is also putting currency notes through a high-heat ‘laundering’ process to get rid of any marks of the virus before releasing them for circulation.

A total of 242 cases of coronavirus were confirmed on Tuesday taking South Korea’s total to 7,755.

South Korea was the first country to report notable coronavirus cases outside China, where the disease first emerged, and remains one of the world’s worst-affected countries despite being overtaken by both Italy and Iran in declared cases.

Six more people died, it added, with the toll rising to 60. Different events and activities across the country have been canceled or postponed over the virus, with school and kindergarten breaks prolonged by three weeks nationwide.

After China, most country infected with the Coronavirus is South Korea, where about 8,000 cases have been reported so far and 60 casualties have been reported.

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