Sonya Hussyn has a disagreement with Vasay Chaudhary


Actress Soniya Hussayn opposes the idea of Vasay Chahdhary and many other people who believe that charity should be done without publicity. The Ishq Zahe Naseeb actor commented on his tweet that it is okay if some people do publicity because that’s how people learn to contribute and donate, it’s a motivation more than a publicity stunt.


Many others in the comments section were also of the view that this is how people get to learn about sacrifice and sharing.

Vasey Chaudhary tweeted that while doing charity don’t post it on social media, as it destroys the reward.

In reply to his tweet many actors agreed and retweeted his notion about the charity.

Well, some fans are of the view that captuing pictures of ration is alright but to capture while distributing should be condemned as it lower-downs the self esteem of those underprivileged people.


Previously, Hira Mani also urged people that taking picture doesn’t mean I am showing off it means I need your help at this time for contributions.

There is a whole new debate about contributions of charity, but we think it is a good deed and it must be appreciated no matter if the cameras are on or the cameras are off  .

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