Showbiz Stars express Solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiris


Today, Pakistanis living all over the world, including Pakistan, are celebrating Kashmir Day for showing solidarity with Kashmiris. On this occasion, the artists have also spread their message with the oppressed Kashmiris by posting messages on social media.

Renowned Actress Mahira Khan, referring to Kashmir issue, said on Twitter that she’s remembering all the lives lost in this unfortunate conflict. In her tweet, she also prayed for the freedom of the Kashmiris.

Actor Faisal Qureshi also shared a video on the website expressing solidarity with Kashmiris.

Actress and host Shaista Lodhi expressed solidarity with Kashmiris on Instagram, saying that the real crime is when we become silent on things we should speak. The international community must speak out about the fundamental rights of Kashmiris and the brutality of India in Kashmir, and the United Nations should take notice of this issue.

Rabbi Pirzada also tweeted in favor of Kashmiris and urged all people to pray for Kashmiris.

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