Shibli Faraz Advises Bilawal to Focus on the coronavirus instead of politics

Shibli Faraz

Federal Minister for Information Shibli Faraz has said that the Sindh government is free to lock down or not. Bilawal and the Sindh government should not blame their failures on the federation.

Reacting to Bilawal Bhutto’s statement, the Information Minister said that Bilawal and the provincial ministers are holding a press conference instead of work. Instead of politics, they should focus on Corona in Sindh. The opposition should support the Prime Minister against Corona instead of politics.

45,000 customers of Sindh Industrial were given relief in electricity bills while 717,000 commercial customers were given relief in electricity bills. Small business owners were also given the facility to pay the bills.

He said that the people of Sindh also benefited through utility stores, facilitated loan installments under SBP’s deferred scheme. SBP’s deferred scheme would also be applied in Sindh. 1.2 trillion aid package would be distributed in all provinces including Sindh.

Shibli Faraz said that under the Ehsas program, Rs 27 billion has been distributed in Sindh so far. The Sindh government has been given 504447 masks by the federation. The Sindh government has been given 290986 surgical masks, 30142 N95, 203840 K95, and 148334 protective suits.

The Information Minister said that 25000 VTM and PC machines were provided to the Sindh government. A large number of hand sanitizers were provided to the Sindh government by the federal government.

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