Shehla Raza opens up about her kids in Reema Khan’s show

Shehla Raza

Former Speaker Sindh Assembly Shehla Raza opens up in Reema Khan’s show

In Reema Khan’s show, she talked about the accident in which she lost her two kids. She discussed it in detail.

Shehla Raza

Shehla Raza said that she had two kids and it was third day of Eid when they were going somewhere and their car went into drain, she says that both the kids died in that accident .

Shehla Raza

Shehla Raza further said that she has to bear this trauma and grief whole of her life. She also said, “ It was the third day of Eid and still on every Eid I miss them.”

She says that Allah has blessed her with immense courage after that accident, which is a bliss.

She also talked about how people bully her on Twitter. She said that people troll me and say you have eaten your children now at least help the poor children of Thar.

She said “they write in the comments of my twitter that I am the one who killed her own children”

She says, “People have made accounts on my name and they troll others from those accounts . I don’t have issues with this but when it comes to my kids I am shocked that what kind of people they are”

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