Shaniera Akram urges brown girls to embrace their skin tone proudly


Shaniera Akram has a message for the girls as she specifically urged the brown girls to embrace their skin tone because they don’t know how beautiful are they and worldwide the girls deliberately go for tanned complexion .

In her Instagram post she addressed brown coloured girls and urged them to be comfortable in their skin tone instead of putting harmful chemicals on their skin to get the fair skin.


She said that being white girl I had put a lot of creams on my skin to get the desired tanning and there are a lot of white girls who wish for the brown skin tone.

She has said all the girls should love themselves instead of developing the obsession of fair skin.

Shaniera has rightly addressed the Wheatish girls as in South Asia attaining fair skin has become an obsession. The girls solely rely on harmful creams to get fair tone. We see many celebrities who are super comfortable in their skin Amina Sheikh, Sanam Saeed, Ayesha toor and Faryal Mehmood are example for us.


She also said that now a days we are running after false idealism and try to be part of a fake world. She said the only satisfaction we can get is by accepting who we are .

It is the right time our vocal celebrities should also talk about these taboos and promote simplicity instead of fake idealism.

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