Well Reputed Shabbar Zaidi removed as FBR Chairman

Shabbar Zaidi removed as FBR Chairman

Nousheen Javed Amjad has been appointed chairperson of FBR after Shabbar Zaidi removed as Chairman FBR. Shabbar Zaidi was on medical leave due to his health issues. It is thought that he had some issues with advisor to PM for finance Abdul Hafeez Sheikh.

According to the details, Nusheen Javed has been appointed as Chairperson of the FBR by the government. The Federal Cabinet approved the appointment of Nausheen Javed Amjad through a circulation summary after Shabbar Zaidi removed as FBR Chairman.

Shabbar Zaidi was on leave for an indefinite and due to this reason, Nausheen Javed was acting chairperson. Nausheen is a 22nd-grade officer of inland service. Shabbar Zaidi has been replaced by Nausheen as Chairperson FBR.

Why Shabbar Zaidi removed as Chairman FBR?
The chairman of the Federal Board of Revenue, Shabbar Zaidi, was thought to have gone on indefinite leave because of poor health, after which the government began considering the new chairman FBR.

It may be recalled that during a conversation with senior journalists in Islamabad on May 6, 2019, Prime Minister Imran Khan confirmed the appointment of Shabbar Zaidi as Chairman FBR, after which the FBR’s internal circles strongly opposed it.

Shabbar Zaidi Removed as FBR Cairman