Shaan Shahid wants govt to show sub-continents Islamic History

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Shaan Shahid Wants Pakistan Government to show it’s own Islamic history instead of Playing Foreign content on State Channel.

Shaan Shahid has commented on Faisal Javed Khan’ tweet regarding Ertugrul Ghazi on PTV.

Shaan Shahid
Shaan Shahid

Faisal Javed Khan tweeted,

“For those who have been asking for Ertugrul Urdu on Youtube – PTV (Pakistan) and TRT (Turkey) has come up with a joint Youtube channel – Here is the link to watch Ertugrul in Urdu #ErtugrulUrduPTV_TRT “

To that tweet Shaan Shahid replied,

” Try to find our own history and it’s hero’s “

Shaan Shahid’s tweet got mixed response from the Twitter users.  Some said that Shaan is not happy and he’s being jealous with foreign content being played on PTV but some said that he is right we have a lot of history and culture to cherish as in Sub continent the Islam was spread through the efforts of Sufi, Saints and warriors of their time. 

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His reply got hundreds of comments in which people said Pakistan Government should revive PTV and its productions in this regard.

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The actor further tweeted and tagged PM Imran Khan in a tweet.

Well we really think that PTV should make plays like Tipu Sultan, Labbaik and Babar, which aired on PTV in 90’s and told us about our history. 

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