Shaan Shahid’s replies to fans on Ertugrul

Shaan Shahid

Shaan Shahid  replied in detail to his fans on Ertugrul.

The actor replied to a question that I’m not against Turkish play rather  I am saying that why can’t our state channel make shows on our own heroes, why to rely on Turkish Series and Turkish History.

The actor also replied to another question by the fan when he asked Shaan Shahid to produce a history drama of a good stature.

Shaan Shahid

To the question Shaan replied,

” Times have changed, we want to work but people do not support us ”

The actor responded to the one obnoxious troll too in which the fan asked that why did he work in those films related to ‘Gndasa Cultute’.

To this question Shaan Replied,

” I am given work by Almighty Allah, I am not asking this for myself but it’s my opinion. Turkish Airline is great but we won’t fly its plane for PIA likewise we don’t want their show on our State run TV. “

He says that I am a Pakistani I can have my own view people may object but I will not shy from expressing my views .

Shaan Shahid

He also said that,

” I was actor and not the maker of those films which were made solely on public demand, he said that there is no support for actor like me who want to talk on Pakistan and Pakistani products, he says we can produce good projects but there is no support in this regard”

Shaan Shahid

Well, that’s true since the revival of film industry Shaan Shahid has brought really nice films like Waar, Khuda kay Liey, Arth. Zarrar’s trailer is too promising which is his upcoming movie and we believe that he can make a good periodic movie too. It’s not easy for a producer to simply produce such a big project but he needs some support from public and government. Although he is not producing it but it is our suggestion because he has produced some fine films as a producer.

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Shaan Shahid