Screening dramas in cinema is a downfall of film industry


Actor and host Fahad Mustafa is not much happy with the screening of TV dramas in cinemas . The actor said in a web show , “I do not want our plays to screen in the cinema houses, it is the death of film industry, “

Actor Fahd Mustafa, whose claim to fame are many of the dramas , the film ‘Na Maloom Afrad’ and game show ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ ,  recently got interviewed on a YouTube web show where he said that there is no comparison of dramas and films.

He said that I can single handedly produce 4 films a year with other actors on board but I can’t do that because we don’t have storytellers like Nabeel Qureshi. He said” I am sorry if I offend anyone but we only have one director and he is Nabeel Qureshi , a great storyteller.”


Fahad Mustafa said, ” it is really sad that we don’t have quality films to screen in cinemas and we have to show the dramas in cinema, it is that we are going backwards, do not think that we have reached a step further by screening dramas in cinemas.”

He said that we have to build up trust in the audiences that we will not show you any substandard thing on an expensive ticket, like they spend money on holly wood movies without worrying about it to be wasted.

The actor said we need more film directors and storytellers.