Saudi Govt Give Permission For Taraweeh In Masjid Ul Haram And Masjid Ul Nabvi

Taraweeh in Masjid ul Haram

Saudi Govt permit Taraweeh in Masjid Ul Haram and Masjid Ul Nabvi. However, Taraweeh has been restricted to 10 Raka’at in the House of Allah and Masjid e Nabvi.

 According to the Arab news agency, Shaykh Dr. Abdul Rahman al-Sudais, the chief of the Hermann General Presidency, said in a statement that worshipers will be banned during Ramadan in both mosques and Ehtqaaf will not take place due to precautionary measures during Ramadan this year.

Shaykh Dr. Abdul Rahman al-Sudais said that the Raka’at of Taraweeh will be 10 instead of 20, which will be performed by two Imams. The first Imam will perform 6 Raka’at and the second Imam will perform the remaining 4 Raka’at and Witr. He said that the imams and speakers of Taraweeh, Taha’jud and obligatory prayers will be announced soon.

According to Sharaf Sufyani, the head of the Saudi astronomy, the moon is likely to appear on Thursday evening in Saudi Arabia. So, the first fast of Ramadan is expected on Friday, April 24.

It is to be noted that due to the Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia, limited people are being allowed to enter Baitullah Sharif and a security wall has been set up around the house of Kaaba. Now, Taraweeh in Masjid Ul Haram and Masjid Ul Nabvi has been allowed but worshipers are not allowed due to spread of coronavirus.


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