Saudi Arabia Bans All Umrah Pilgrimage To Mecca And Madina


The Saudi government has temporarily halted the tawaaf in Haram Sharif due to steps taken to prevent the coronavirus.

Umrah pilgrims have been shifted to the upper floors. Tawaaf is stopped in the courtyard of the Haram e Pak, but tawaaf continued on the upper floors.

In the footage released on social media, it can be seen that Haram Sharif was cleansed and pesticides were being sprayed to ensure that visitors were protected from Corona, which prevented the pilgrimage in the courtyard.

According to the Herman Sharifan Presidency, this is the first time since the occupation of Haram Sharif in 1979 that the tawaaf has been stopped.

Remember that the Saudi Interior Ministry yesterday banned the pilgrimage of citizens and foreigners entering the country, and to perform the Umrah, and to visit the Holy Prophet’s shrine.

Earlier, the Saudi government had also banned Umrah pilgrims and tourists coming from abroad, intending to prevent the spread of the deadly virus and ensure the safety of visitors.

It is to be noted that there are three more new cases of coronavirus reported in Saudi Arabia today, after which the total number of people affected by the coronavirus has increased to 5.

According to a statement issued by the Hermain Presidency, there will be a ban on tawaaf in the Mutaaf area and the courtyard. During the temporary ban, prayers will be offered only in Hermain. The Safa will be suspended during the temporary ban.

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