Sania Saeed’s analysis on Ertugrul

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Sania Saeed thinks that people love Ertugrul Men because of their conduct.

Sania Saeed says that Pakistani started loving Ertugrul Men so much because they are compassionate, loving and kind towards their women.

She was asked the question, ”  What do you think? Why do we love the Ertugrul men so much?

Sania Saeed

To that she replied,

“Their men are not only warriors, but they are also vulnerable, loving, compassionate, and dedicated to their families and their women. They are not afraid to cry when their fathers, comrades, or soldiers die. They are not afraid to cry when they’re thinking of the woman they love or when their wife is in pain when their children are born,”

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Well that’s true the men they have shown in the drama are true depiction of practicing Muslim men, they are not the men who are just at war but they are real life.  

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