Sanam Saeed Urges people to stop rushing to markets

Sanam Saeed

Sanam Saeed is not happy about people visiting markets and spoiling the social distancing.

Sanam Saeed has said that do we really need to go to the markets in these tough times where everyone is supposed to practice social distancing.

Sanam Saeed

She says that do take all precautionary measures in this crucial time. She urged fans to not to rush at public places simultaneously and try to celebrate eid in a different manner this year.

Sanam Saeed

She took it to her twitter.

The Deedan Actress writes,

“Do we really need to run to the markets for eid shopping? Will we go back to our old ways without showing any change? Please ehtiyaat say bahir jaain. This is another crucial time since everyone is rushing out together at once. Maybe try  celebrating eid differently this year? “

Sanam Saeed

Well, it’s true the pictures of these three days after the ease of lock-down show the rush of people in the markets. All the big markets in Karachi have been closed once again because shopkeepers and the public were not following SOP’s, which is bad.

We hope that people stay at home and stay safe .