Sanam Jang urges people , not to take pictures while doing charity


The whole world is undergoing a fatal catastrophe . The impoverished people are facing a lot of difficulties in bearing basic necessities of life.

In these difficult time people are coming forward to help the underprivileged people people are doing charity on larger scale so that they can withstand the difficult times


Unfortunately, some people are donating and taking pictures of the people and posting it into social media to get praises or to make name which is sad . Such acts might not be suitable in such circumstances where low income class has become dependent on distributors , because the people who receive donations feel ashamed and their self-respect is damaged .

Actress Sanam Jung has come forward and urged people to help but don’t show off on social media because it is problematic for them. 


In her tweet, she writes

, “For God’s sake while donating poor people do not show off just to receive appreciation on social media.”

Fans really appreciated her and  agreed with her notion  , the fans said that it is not the time to cash the situation.

Well we have seen many actors who have to be on media because they nominate contributors for the organizations and that’s how the chain runs.

But posting in news papers with the people isn’t justified.

What do you think is the right way of charity?
Are you happy with actors taking part in charity.

Well, we think it is the need of hour and they are doing it with heart and soul 

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