Samina Peerzada wants people to respect artist community, and we are with her


Our very favourite actor Samina Peerzada who has done great dramas and her acting skills are impeccable, is much vocal about social injustices too.  The actor just said that do not maltreat our  actors and artist community as they are entertainers and they add fun and colours to your life in a distressful time . Samina Peerzada is also very famous for her website show speak your heart with Samina Peerzada.


The Durreshehwar actor said that it’s high time people should stop call actors ” The Kanjars and Marasis”, she took to it the twitter.

The actor Zindagi Gulzar Hay wrote,

“It’s time to respect our entertainers. In these times it’s only our showbiz personalities  who are keeping us positive. So rethink when you call us kanjar n Meerasis”


Well she is right now a days people are desperately looking forward to the live streams of all of our actors and the fans request them to come online.

The actors are also not only coming live but doing extensive charity. Our TV and sport stars are doing massive efforts for people .Maya Ali, Anushay Ashraf,  Nomi Ansari, Shahid Afridi, Aisaam Ul Haq, Hira Mani and Ali Zafar are hands-on doing charity.

So it is really shameful if our unpleasant keyboard warriors bad mouth them.

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