Salman Ahmad is suspected for covid-19


At present, the United States ranks first in the world in terms of Corona patients, while in New York alone there are more than one lac Corona virus patients.

The Junoon singer Salman Ahmed has said to be positive for covid-19 probably , as he has to get a test yet. He has already started isolation in his home when symptoms of the virus appear he will contact the doctor.


In a message on Twitter, Salman Ahmed said,

“Friends,The bad news first: according to my doc Ibelli , I’m probably  #COVID19 positive.will test soon. The good news is that I have mild flu like symptoms. I’m self quarantining in NY, washing my hands regularly, inhaling steam,drinking warm fluids.Thank you 4 your prayers”


Referring to the symptoms, Salman Ahmed wrote, “The good news is that I have mild flu-like symptoms, so I have a solitary isolation in New York.”

The singer says he is continuously washing his hands, taking steam and drinking hot drinks.

The singer has thanked the fans for all the prayers and love.

Mehwish Hayat also wished recovery to the singer.

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