Sabaat Review : Usman Mukhtar’s performance

Sabaat 7
Sabaat review : Usman Mukhtar's entry.

Sabaat’s episode was yet again engaging and seemed to be moving forward , we didn’t feel that it has been dragged anywhere.

Sabaat 8

However, Usman Mukhtar’s entry as Dr Haris in Sabaat, despite being most awaited character, seemed flat. Well, being Dr Haris I think he is given too little margin to perform. So far, he is doing a static performance and in these two episodes the charachter didn’t seem to have any margin of doing something out of the box. The fans of Usman Mukhtar have already stopped watching the drama because his entry was delayed, so it unfair that the character didn’t have any room for performance. He didn’t start resolving Miraal’s core issue which is increasing day by day.

Sabaat 9

The track between Anaya and Hassan is progressing with more of power and energy, it is an absolutely subtle piece of writing where the couple seems to be so loving and understanding that audience is hooked to their beautiful moments.

Sabaat 10

The way Hassan fights for Anaya and respects her is what fans are loving.  The character of Miraal is going in the same direction with full arrogance, the lady has no remorse on being her.

Sabaat 11

Sabaat is going Subtle , but some speculations arose with the passage of drama that the couple of Hassan and Anaya might be facing some tragedy, about which fans are not happy.