Saba Qamar Recently opened YouTube Channel , drops a video

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actress Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar has Recently announced her YouTube Channel.

Saba Qamar has just opened her channel along with a very thoughtful video in which she is depicting the situation that is caused after the corona crises .

The title of the video is Isolation which is beautifully written and narrated by Saba Qamar herself.

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Saba Qamar

The actress says , ”Earlier, we never had time to talk to our friends but now we are searching for friends, we never got time for our selves but now we have a lot of time to know us”

Previously, Saba Qamar was frustrated with the lock down and the situation but later on she decided to pen down her frustration and videographed it as well.

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Saba Qamar

She captioned her video, “We’ve all been in lockdown and isolation has not been easy for anyone. I decided to voice my frustration and also express my gratitude for it. Heres an experimental video that i did with a couple of my friends. Hope you like, Share and Subscribe to encourage me to make further videos. Lots of Love.”

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Saba Qamar

Well she shot it beautifully, aesthetically the video is perfectly shot in Saba Qamar’s beautiful house and yes ,she is not only a talented actor but a creative writer as well.


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Saba Qamar

You all need to go and check her video for sure.

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