Saba Qamar and Imran Abbas say haters will never be happy

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Saba Qamar and Imran Abbas say hater will never be happy with actors.

Saba Qamar and Imran Abbas both were on the live chat session together where both of them have spoken their hearts out.

Saba Qamar said ” I have decided that I should never fall prey to the trollers because they suck all the positivity out of you. They will never appreciate you and your work”. She said, ” it is a small industry where we work so hard but we are never appreciated for our deserving credits”.

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Saba Qamar

Imram Abbas further said, ” If we actors talk about Islam they put allegations that how you being an actor talking about Islam , as if it’s only their right to talk, knowing how good they are , they simply judge us “

Saba Qamar says, ” they call us Kanjars (pranksters)  , at least we make you happy and need to be rightfully appreciated and if we are Kanjars we then take it as a positive thing and keep on doing our job that is to make you happy.

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Saba Qamar

It is true, it’s not the “actors ” who are at fault it’s a certain mindset, a mentality that is on fault. That specific mindset loves to have selfies with celebrities but it calls them pranksters or we don’t even want to mention that term because for us  , our actors are so respected and we love them and own them by heart.

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