Beautiful Kalam e Pak by Saad Hussain

Beautiful Kalam e Pak by Saad Hussain
Saad Hussain songs

What a beautiful Kalam e Pak by Saad Hussain released in the blessed month of Ramadan. Saad Hussain is a Pakistani singer who is known and loved by thousands of admirers for his melodious voice and heat touching songs.

The Kalam is called “Daman Bharo Daman” and it depicts the true essence of Ramadan. This blessed month is all about asking for forgiveness and getting our wishes fulfilled by almighty.

Beautiful Kalam e Pak by Saad Hussain

Daman Bharo Daman by Saad Hussain

More About Saad Hussain

Saad Hussain is a name familiar to all. This talented artist has been on the journey of music since 2011 in his band Saad & Hadi formed in the same year. Not only is he a Singer with a soulful voice, but his capabilities as an Actor, Songwriter and Composer can be easily witnessed in the remarkable songs he has produced over the years. Saad Hussain songs touch your heart deeply due to their meaningful lyrics and heart stirring melodies.

Debut song was a patriotic number named ” Pakistan Zindabad” for World Cup 2011.

Pakistan Zindabad by Saad Hussain

Pakistan Zindabad by Saad Hussain and Hadi Imran

Another popular song was “Aas Pas” released in 2012.

Aas Pass by Saad Hussain and Hadi Imran

Aas Pas by Saad Hussain and Hadi Imran

The overseas collaboration done by this band with Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar gained a profound success with their hit number “Teri Yaad”.

Teri Yaad featuring Saad Hussain & Neha Kakkar

Teri Yaad – Saad Hussain Featuring Neha Kakkar

In 2014, Saad embarked on a solo career journey with the cover song “Jab koi baat”. Saad released another patriotic hit, “De Chakka” for T20 World Cup in 2015. Due to his exceptional acting skills displayed in his videos, Saad got noticed by famous directors such as Jamal Shah, Naveed akbar and Asad Chaudhary. He is proceeding with various acting projects too including a lead role in an upcoming Pakistani Movie. The Pakistani Singer & Actor Saad Hussain was recently featured in a short film by Kahani Saaz named as “Changezi Muhabbat”

Changezi Mohabbat Feat. Saad Hussain & Areej Zia

Changezi Muhabbat – Featuring Saad Hussain & Areej Zia

The success of the collaboration, “Teri Yaad” paved way for the re-launch of the song in May 2016. As before, the re-launch gathered increased views and popularity for the song enhanced.

Teri Yaad Released Again

Teri Yaad Featuring Saad Hussain Re-released

Teri Yaad by Saad Hussain was released once again due to massive audience requests and once again Neha Kakkar was featured in a Selfie Video along with Saad Hussain and Hadi Imran.
The Musical journey of the talented Pop Singer Saad Hussain continued and he released another heart touching song named as “Ya Ilahi” that was loved massively by Pakistani and International music listeners. Our most favorite line from his song is “Ya ilahi kya zamanay aye, Aj wo Humko Mananay Aye”

“Ya Ilahi” by Saad Hussain

Ya ilahi by Saad Hussain

We hope you’ll love Saad Hussain songs and acting in the coming years as we have really high hopes from this multi-talented artist.

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Book Saad Hussain for a LIVE Performance

For booking Saad Hussain for concerts or acting, you can contact his manager Hadii Hassan at 0311 4034646 or you can drop an email at Saadhussainmusic@gmail.com

Saad Hussain is an amazing LIVE performer and has performed at numerous LIVE Concerts in various cities of Pakistan. Do follow Saad Hussain on Social Media for a regular update on Songs by Saad Hussain.


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