Rishi Kapoor ‘s best wishes for Ammara Hikmat

Rishi Kapoor

Last week, Bollywood legend Rishi Kapoor passed away, he has left a huge void in the film industry.

Do you know Indian actor Rishi Kapoor wanted to watch the Pakistani film ‘The Legend of Mula Jutt’  which could not be fulfilled.

Amara Hikmat, the producer of ‘The Legend of Mula Jutt’, revealed that Rishi Kapoor was excited to see the film and he also praised its trailer.

Rishi Kapoor

Amara Hikmat, the producer of The Legend of Mula Jutt, shared a screenshot on her social media account of messages sent by the late actor Rishi Kapoor on Twitter in the past.

Amara Hikmat said, “I am deeply saddened to hear of Rishi Kapoor’s demise and that is why I shared this screenshot with everyone.”

Rishi Kapoor

Sharing a screenshot, Amara Hikmat said that Rishi Kapoor often asked about the release of the film The Legend of Mula Jutt and expressed his best wishes.

She said that when she went to Twitter to watch the conversation with Rishi Kapoor, she was surprised to see that Rishi Kapoor had tried to contact her on Twitter last month.

Rishi Kapoor

Amara added that due to inactivity on Twitter, she could not see his message and she will always be saddened by not replying to Rishi Kapoor’s messages.

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